Shane’s Choco-Cinnamon Mousse

This recipe is not an ice cream at all, but it is a smooth cool dessert. It’s also made predominantly with raw eggs, so if that makes you nervous, definitely skip it. Consuming raw eggs can be a health risk.

My friend Shane, who formerly eschewed dairy and other non-paleo foods, loved this dessert because it was one of the rare sweets I made that she would eat. You can leave the cinnamon out, but I think it makes it even more interesting. Serve alongside some whipped cream if you like.


Whipped cream makes everything better.

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So Basic



In my mind, there are two main types of ice cream bases — those that use egg yolks, and those that don’t (which are based solely in milk and cream). I use the egg yolk version most often. It creates the typical mouth feel we associate with ice cream. Unctuous without greasiness, it’s that smooth sensation you remember whenever you hear the phrase “cookies and cream.”

The downside of yolk-based ice cream is that the flavors you add won’t come through as cleanly as they would with just a milk/cream base. I actually don’t think this is a problem. If you use fresh ingredients for flavoring — spices, nuts, and everything else — I don’t think this is much of an issue. I find dairy-only bases to be too icy and harsh for proper mouthfeel. They lack the proper viscosity.

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