Marxist Meyer Lemon and Crème Fraîche

One of the benefits of being friends with a food writer and cookbook author is you know you’re getting honest criticism. But when it came time to come up with a flavor that did justice to her talent, I took my time. The result — a blend of Meyer lemons, the classiest commonly available citrus (second classiest: blood oranges; third: key limes) and crème fraîche — turned out well. The zest in the ice cream base slightly heightens the flavor of the curd. You can swap out regular lemons and sour cream for those two, but it won’t be as sophisticated.


Shades of yellow.

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Erika’s Earl Grey and Honey


Floating tea and honey.

Tea is a central part of Indian food and culture, but I am one of those Indian-Americans who almost never drinks tea, much to my parents’ bemusement. I think I fell into coffee too early.

One of my friends suggested I try an Earl Grey ice cream. I paired it with honey instead of sugar, and while you can find any number of similar recipes online, this one is sure to please.

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