Seger White Pepper Peach

Summer is not yet over (at least not here in the Midwest, where it’s supposed to hit 90 degrees for a couple of days). I firmly believe there’s still time to enjoy what’s left of the season. In particular, summer fruit — while rhubarb is a distant memory, we still have peaches. For now.

I’m currently staying with friends and as a result we’re all going through baskets at breakneck speed. I figured a pairing with pepper would add some sharpness, which you can dial back if you like. A variety of peppers increases the complexity, but you don’t need to use all four types — just aim to have about a teaspoon total.


My favorite part is the tingling aftertaste.

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Shane’s Choco-Cinnamon Mousse

This recipe is not an ice cream at all, but it is a smooth cool dessert. It’s also made predominantly with raw eggs, so if that makes you nervous, definitely skip it. Consuming raw eggs can be a health risk.

My friend Shane, who formerly eschewed dairy and other non-paleo foods, loved this dessert because it was one of the rare sweets I made that she would eat. You can leave the cinnamon out, but I think it makes it even more interesting. Serve alongside some whipped cream if you like.


Whipped cream makes everything better.

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