Habeas Custard (Latin: you [shall] have the custard) is a blog focused on the making of ice cream, with detours into general baking.

The author, G.S. Hans, is an attorney focused on technology law and policy for a DC-based non-profit. He lives in the Bay Area. He has been making ice cream for about five years. He has been baking for about ten. Most importantly, he’s been eating dessert for nearly 30.

The author is not a habeas attorney. He is also not your attorney (and thus isn’t giving anyone legal advice). He also cannot make you ice cream, unless you are his friend and live pretty close to him. Or you’re willing to give him $20 in exchange for a gallon of homemade ice cream. You still have to live near him though.

If that’s true, or if you have any questions or comments, shoot an email to habeas.custard@gmail.com, or tweet at @habeascustard.