You Can’t Spell “Bernie” without BNR

Habeas Custard doesn’t believe in political parties (don’t get me started on nationalism, either), but today is the New Hampshire primary and, interestingly, ice cream has become part of the race — at least on the Democratic side. Ben Cohen, one of the founder’s of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, has begun a fundraiser for Bernie Sanders based on income inequality. It’s a version of mint chocolate chip ice cream in which the chocolate is in the form of a disc at the top of a pint, and the mint ice cream is at the bottom. In a metaphor for the 1% and the rest of us, you have to break up the chocolate 1% disc and mix it into the rest of the ice cream.

Another Ben (also known as BNR), a friend of HC, contacted me about this and I responded with a version of “Well, anyone can do that.” It’s not very difficult. Moreover I don’t believe in gimmicks (beyond the gimmick of naming your ice cream blog after a legal term and then never discussing the law despite being a lawyer) — and this reeked of gimmickry. Plus, it’s basically crème brûlée but with hard chocolate, and then mixing it up? Please. That’s more trouble than it’s worth, and messy, as seen in the video. I’m not a Coldstone Creamery.


All you need: base, chocolate, and mint.

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